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The 2009 All Blacks Vs Barbarians rugby is going to take place on the 6th of December 2009. Do you know that the Barbarian is a rugby club invites players to play for their team and the players can be from any country. They will be participating to play against various country teams and play few matches during the year. If a player is invited to play for the team then he will become a lifelong member of that team. You can see these players from various countries not representing their country playing for this team.

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Barbarians though based in the United Kingdom, they basically don’t have a home ground. It is basically a private club like other soccer clubs in UK. They tour and play against different clubs and countries on invitation basis and the game will be extra ordinary caliber as it contains experienced players from different country jointly playing for the club. The Barbarian go and play with different countries. They recently played against the Tunisia, Portugal, Spain and Georgia. On the 6th December 2009 they will be playing against the All Blacks. Are you ready to see the match? If not you should get an authorization with our site in order to watch the game online at the same time as it takes place.

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Watch Rugby Live Online by Clicking Here