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So here it is, your chance to watch bbc Rugby World Cup Italy vs Australia online. All you have to do is logon to and just like that you can be at the North Harbour Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand to watch the Azzuri of Italy take on the mighty Wallabies of Australia.

[You know, it takes a fair degree of self confidence to name your team after a slow, fat, albeit vicious, animal, but then that’s Australia for you.]

Okay. The game takes place on the 11th of September and is scheduled to kick off at 13:30 hours, New Zealand standard time. What that translates to in your particular time zone, is, I’m afraid, up to you to figure out.

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Now, as you watch bbc Rugby World Cup Italy vs Australia online, it will behoove you to remember that Italy has been in every Rugby World Cup tournament since the inaugural game in 1987. The Azzuri have never won the championship, but by golly, they have been there, giving it the old college try. Who is to say that this is not their year? The Wallabies, on the other hand have won the crown twice. Not a bad record, given that this is the 7th iteration of the Rugby Union World Cup Championship.

What else?

Oh yes. When you watch bbc Rugby World Cup Italy vs Australia online at, be sure to register yourself with the site. That registration will get you access to upcoming Rugby Matches Online. And since the tournament is set to run from the 9th of September through the 23rd of October, that is an Official Good Thing.


Watch Rugby Online by Clicking Here

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Watch Rugby Live Online by Clicking Here