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“I’m so glad that I can watch Rugby World Cup live online by logging on to”

“Oh? And why is that?”

“Because not only am I not in New Zealand but I am also unable to get to New Zealand.”

“I take it that the game is being played in New Zealand.”

“The game? It’s not just a game. It’s a tournament. A whole bunch of games. A round robin of games. 20 nations competing against each other, starting on the 9th of September and working toward the final game on the 23rd of October when the Rugby Union World Champion will be decided.

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“Okay. Alright. Jeez-a-roonie.”

“Sorry for the outburst. It’s just that I get a little exercised at the thought that you might misunderstand my need to watch Rugby World Cup live online.”

“I shall make an extra effort to understand. Do continue.”

“With what?”

“I don’t know. Usually when we get into these conversations, you go on for about 250 words and I don’t think we are there yet. So, go on.”

“Really? 250 words?”

“Or thereabouts.”

“And what do those 250 words usually contain?”

“Oh, you know, data, a sprinkling of, on a bed of blather, with layers of search engine optimized phrases. Like that.”

“Ah. But I think I’ve already covered all of that, and yet come up short. What’s up with that?”

“No. Wait. You can tell me that when I watch Rugby World Cup live online at, I ought to register with the site and thus get access to watch Upcoming Rugby Matches Online.”

“Well said.”

Watch Rugby Online by Clicking Here

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Watch Rugby Live Online by Clicking Here

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