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2010 holds a lot of promise in sporting events. As the day is fast approaching, all fans will be waiting to watch this match between these two mega teams. Who will win this season’s trophy, we will have to wait and see.So don’t forget to log on to and Watch Australia vs Ireland rugby union Lansdowne Cup live stream.Earlier if you had noticed this stadium was on a cemetery. But as 1911came by, the Paddington Cemeteries Act (1911) was pioneered and this site was urbanized as a recreational site. By fencing it in 1914 it got its name after John Dunmore Lang as Lang Park. The surface if you will notice is grass with a sitting capacity of over fifty thousand.

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Like the Lansdowne Club is named so is the cup named after Dublin’s famed rugby ground and the cup came into being by the intricate work done by Waterford Crystal of Ireland.The rugby union trophy is the Lansdowne Cup. Initiated in 1999, this beauty was handed over to the Australian Rugby Union by the Lansdowne Club of Sydney as a permanent trophy between Australia and Ireland. The trophy in itself is a much sort of trophy. Both these teams are evenly placed with of course Australia dominating the wins. But that does not make Ireland any less formidable. Watch Australia vs Ireland rugby union Lansdowne Cup live stream by logging on to

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