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“So, I hear that you are getting set to watch bledisloe cup rugby 2010 live online at Any truth to that?”

“A whole lot of truth. As far as I am concerned the Bledisloe Cup is the sine qua non of any competition between New Zealand and Australia.”

“Oh yes? And why is that?”

“Well, among other things, rugby is the one sport in which New Zealand has consistently proven superior to their larger cousins to the north. Take their record in the Bledisloe Cup as an example. How much do you know about the history between these two rugby teams?”

“Not a lot, I must admit.”

“Well, for starters, when you watch bledisloe cup rugby 2010 live online know that you are watching a series that was started way back in 1932. In 1931, Lord Bledisloe, Governor-General of New Zealand proposed a trophy to be awarded to the winner of a series of rugby games between the All-Blacks and the Wallabies. The stipulation was that the games counted only if they were played in either Australia or New Zealand.”

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“Okay, but, what does this have to do with the New Zealand superiority?

“I’m getting to that. In the intervening years the two teams have played 49 games, and New Zealand has won 37 times. At one point, in the years 1951 – 1978, New Zealand held the trophy for 27 consecutive years. So, I’m going to watch bledisloe cup rugby 2010 live online at, not so much to see if the All-Blacks will win, but how they will win. Furthermore, when I am logged on, I will register and get access to watch upcoming rugby matches Online. This thing ain’t over yet.”


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Watch Rugby Live Online by Clicking Here