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“Are you going to watch bledisloe cup rugby 2010 matches online at You know, that is the series that started in 1932 and has now been incorporated into the Tri-Nations Trophy Challenge.”

“Yes, I am. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering how you rate the Wallabies chances against the All-Blacks. As I understand it the Bledisloe Cup is concerned solely with the matches between those two teams.”

“Yes. And as far as the Wallabies are concerned, I’m afraid I don’t rate their chances that highly.”

“Oh, yes? And why not?”

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“Because they are playing against the All-Blacks. That is what the Bledisloe cup is all about. Although the Wallabies are rated as #3 in the International Rugby Board rankings, they are, I’m afraid, a rather distant third. The All-Blacks are ranked as #1.”

“Still, Australia has a pretty proud sporting tradition and …”

“Look, when you watch bledisloe cup rugby 2010 matches online you will see some really good rugby being played. I’m not for a moment denying the abilities of the Wallabies. However in the 49 game history of the Bledisloe Cup the Aussies have managed only 12 wins as against the 37 for the Kiwis. Between 1951 and 1978 the All-Blacks held the Cup for 27 years. They, the Kiwis come into this series with a 7 consecutive title streak. All that and more suggests that you put your money on the Kiwis.”

“But the Aussies have won?”

“Oh yes. In 1998 they won the series 3 zip and held the title for the next 4 years.”

“Reason enough for me to watch bledisloe cup rugby 2010 matches online at”

“Yes. And while you are on the site you will want to register and get access to watch upcoming rugby matches Online.”

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Watch Rugby Live Online by Clicking Here