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Over hundred years Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are playing competitive rugby matches. These teams how ever weren’t playing formal structure game, but only in the year 1996 a formal structure was applied between the three teams. Watch tri nation’s rugby live online.

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In 1995 the rugby sport changed into professional sport. For countries around the world, for the society of rugby sport organizers, it was made as a commercial opportunity. The countries Australia, New Zealand and South Africa formed the tri nation’s rugby. SANZAR and Six Nations Championship were the former rugby governing bodies. Watch tri nation’s rugby live online.

In Tri Nations Series, television only has been playing a very important role in the popularity and growth. This television is helping rugby supports around the world to watch this Tri Nations Series live. Watch tri nation’s rugby live online.

At athletic Park in Wellington the first Tri Nations game was played. The first Tri Nations game was played between New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand won the game with a high difference in score. From that time New Zealand has not loosen its firm grip. New Zealand won the Tri Nation rugby twice. Next in the winning list was South Africa. In 1998 South Africa won the series defeating New Zealand. Then came Australia towards trophy in the year 2000. In the year 2001, it was the first time there was tie in the Tri Nations game. The tie was between Australia and South Africa. Watch tri nation’s rugby live online.

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